How to Order?

Placing an order with us is very simple!

1. Click on the item you want to buy.

2. Once the item page opens select the size (weight), and quantity - click ADD TO CART

3. If you want to add more items simply click 'CONTINUE SHOPPING'

4. Add more items the same way you added the first item.

5. After you are done with all the products click on the 'Cart or Bag' icon at the top right of the page. This will open up the cart with all your added items.

6. Review the items, size, quantity, etc are correct. If you wish to remove anything simply click the 'x sign' or 'remove' next to the item you want to remove.

7. If and when everything is correct click 'CHECKOUT' - this will take you to the next steps.

8. Enter the details required (such as your phone, name, and address), and then click on 'CONTINUE TO SHIPPING METHOD'

9. Review the details entered are correct and check the total amount, and then click 'CONTINUE TO PAYMENT METHOD'

10. Cash on Delivery will already be selected. Simply click 'COMPLETE ORDER' 

YOU ARE DONE! If you wish to continue shopping simply click 'CONTINUE SHOPPING'

Thank You!

If you need help in placing an order contact us via messenger on our Facebook Page by clicking here or Instagram by clicking here, or via whatsApp by clicking here

You can always contact us here on our website too.

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