Our Story

The word Phakki – notorious to some due to its abuse – is a pre-historic term for supplements formulated using nature’s powerful ingredients. Nature has potent ingredients specifically designed for living beings on this planet.

Our Phakkis are no different, the ingredients we have used to formulate this supplement carefully are historically known for jaw-dropping benefits. These were part of almost every kitchen 200 years ago but then industry took over. Food, health, and wellness got commercial – they stripped food of essential nutrients to reduce cost, prolong shelf lives, add preservatives, and even harmful things to make it taste good for long.

Did you know? If you keep a homemade nutrient-rich food item and the same item bought from a supermarket, side-by-side, the homemade item will rot a lot sooner than the supermarket one. Ever wondered why? Decomposers, worms, and insects opt for nutrient-rich food first, which is why industries use this tactic
to prolong the shelf-life of their food items (also reducing the cost of production). More profits for the industry, total loss for consumers. Consumers
not only pay from their pockets but also health. ⬇⬇⬇⬇

  • How does it work for weightloss?

    In weight-loss it works by improving your metabolism which is usually slowed down by many different factors such modern industrial food, age, other health conditions etc. If your metabolism is at optimum level your food is mostly converted to energy rather than fats thereby making you more active and promoting excess weightloss. Also, most of these ingredients are historically known for burning excess fats. Also after a week or so of taking it, it starts giving you fuller feeling thanks to it's rich omega-3 fatty acids profile - helping you control your portions and also helps in curbing cravings for unhealthy food. For best weightloss results we send out guidelines too suggesting subtle easy changes to maximize the benefit of Phakki.

    The best thing about this is that you can use it even after hitting your weightloss goal as in peak metabolism you stay in healthy weight-range unless you drastically change your diet.

  • Is it only for weightloss?

    Absolutely NOT! Promoting healthy weight loss is just one of its benefits. The ingredients we use are known for helping people in nearly all the systems of their bodies. We have had reviews from customers where it has helped them with constipation, digestive issues, thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, overall energy, hair fall, skin, and many more.

    This supplement should be part of your daily life and it will improve your over-all health.

  • Will I get support?

    This is the best part - we are building a health & wellness support system, so our experts are just a text away to provide you with personalized suggestions. AND, our support is not limited to our customers alone, anyone needing advice is welcome. For a quick chat WhatsApp us on +92-347-9359938. Other ways to contact us are Instagram and Facebook

  • Is it Safe? Side-Effects?

    There are absolutely no side effects unless you are specifically allergic to one of the ingredients mentioned. It's formulated very carefully using 100% natural, herbal, high-quality seeds and ingredients historically known for their immense benefits - sourced from reliable sources and prepared in a very clean facility. Rest assured there are only the ingredients used which are mentioned, there is nothing added, not even preservatives.