Teaching Your Baby To Walk

Teaching Your Baby To Walk

Your baby’s first steps are the most memorable milestone in your child’s development and of parenting as you watch them learn new things. The first few steps make you feel really proud. Usually every baby takes their first steps after 8 months, around the time of their first birthday. Here are a few tips to encourage your baby to walk:

Practice your baby’s walk through cruising. Make your child stand next to a sofa or bench and let them hold it with one hand, and grab your hand with the other. Move back and forth gradually. After sometime the baby will let go of your hand and practice walking on their own.

The toys your baby plays with can also help them to learn walking. Get your little one a push toy or an adjustable activity toy with a handle to push by keeping in minds its height and width. These toys can encourage your baby’s first steps as they will cruise around the TV lounge, gardens and open spaces with the help of their push toys.

Swimming engages your baby’s body in a way that it strengthens their muscles and legs. It also improves balance and coordination.  Make your baby learn kicking and walking in the pool if the pool is shallow enough.

Offering a reward is another great way of walk development among children. Offer a treat or even a hug to your baby while sitting at some distance, your baby will try their best to walk or run towards you. It can give really good results!

The most common way of making your baby walk is to hold their hands and walk behind them. Give them support so they don’t fall or topple over.  Avoid baby walkers as much as you can, as they are one of the causes of delayed walking of your child and also cause accidents and injuries.

All babies are different from others so you should not compare yours with the others. In fact, encourage them or motivate them time by time even when they take a single step.

The above tips can make your baby learn walking faster but it also depends on other factors as well such as weight etc.

 Author: Ume Laila

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