Protect Yourself And Others From Corona Virus.

Protect Yourself And Others From Corona Virus.

In December 2019, a new virus started to spread, caught the attention of the people across the globe and quickly became the center of all the major news headlines. It had been given the name “Novel Coronavirus” or COVID-19.

Before we talk about Covid19, we need to build an understanding of the Coronavirus.

Corona is a Latin word meaning “crown”. According to WHO, it is a family of viruses that cause a number of illnesses such as cold, flu, fever, shivers, dry cough, throat infections or more severe diseases such as SARS and MERS. SARS has been transmitted through cats whereas MERS traveled from a type of camel and killed around 860 people in the Middle East in 2012.

The never seen before novel-Coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan, China during an investigation but now it has reached almost all the continents on Earth! It has gotten the life on Earth suspended and on March 11 it had been declared as a global pandemic!

Unfortunately, it has also reached our beloved country in mid-February’20 and it was just a matter of a few days until it started to spread in all of the major cities. As of now, 12,98 cases have been reported out of which 9 are the casualties. Coronavirus in our country has caused a halt to our economy, our daily life routines, religious practices being performed at our mosques, our education and everything else!

No country can fight this pandemic without the cooperation of its citizens in it. So we, as the citizens of this country have a very huge responsibility on our shoulders to fight this deadly virus before it becomes too late to manage!

So, here are some major things you can do to avoid the virus from spreading.

Wash your hands!

It is not necessary that you will only contract the virus after coming in contact with an infected person. The virus can stay on the objects as well. So, whenever you touch an object or surface that you know had come in contact with someone else as well, you must wash your hands! The technique is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. The more you wash your hands the lesser are your chances of contracting the virus, so make a habit of washing your hands after every 30 minutes or an hour but you must keep in mind to not waste water!

Stay at home

The safest place for you right now is your home! Creating a physical distance from everyone is necessary. Even at your own home, keep a distance with your family members just to be on the safe side. Avoid going out unnecessarily and if it is important for you to go out, go alone or with just one more family member of the house. Avoid all sorts of family gatherings. We all think that we would not be the one catching the virus, but with this thinking that is how everyone else got it! So in order to flatten the curve, we must stay at home or isolate ourselves.

Sanitize your hands!

It all starts with hands! Sometimes unconsciously, we touch our eyes, nose or mouth with our hands that contain germs that are unable to be seen with our naked eyes. Keeping a sanitizer in your bag and using it while you are not at home can be a sufficient replacement for handwashing!

Boost your immune system

Did you know that boosting your immunity can help you fight coronavirus? As we do not currently have any treatment or vaccines available to cure the coronavirus, so the human body and its immunity play a huge role in fighting off this disease! There are many ways to increase your immunity. Keep a diet that is sufficient in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc is highly recommended. Mushrooms are also immunity boosters as they are high in selenium and vitamin B. Vitamin C is one of the richest sources to boost your immune system. It is found in many green vegetables, such as broccoli.

Drink lots of water!

Staying hydrated is the key! Of course, it cannot kill the virus but will surely boost your immune system. Hydration plays a key role in keeping us healthy and it ensures that all our body organs are performing well!

Stay calm

You must take care of your mental health as well in addition to your physical health! Taking stress can take a toll on your body and on your immune system as well and none of us can afford this right now!

Lastly, We at GoFancy are taking strict measures to avoid the spread of the virus from our end. The packages are carefully handled and are kept in isolation for a specific period of time i.e 48-72 hours before it is sent out for delivery. Even then, if you are unsure because the package could get germs while on its way. Here is a tip you can implement! Receive the courier in a tray, and place that tray in isolation at your place for up to 48 hours. Because according to WHO, the virus only stays on the packages and fabric for 48 hours.

We are all in this together and together we can stop its spread by being responsible citizens. Stay safe and informed












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