Managing Colic Baby

Managing Colic Baby

 As a mother, watching your baby crying of colic pain is so heart breaking and exhausting but the good news is that colic is temporary and that you are not alone in this!

Colic usually starts showing symptoms when your baby turns 3 weeks old and ends after he reaches 4 months or so. The symptoms include several hours of crying, flushed face, bouts of irritability etc. The suspected causes of colic are still not well understood. It might occur due to swallowing air during breast feeding, neurological immaturity, the developing digestive system or the ingredients of the formula milk which can make babies irritable. Because of various causes, there is no proper treatment for colic but you can comfort your baby by following some techniques that may help sooth your baby.

Lay down baby on his belly and massage his back because the change in position might help sooth him down and help gas to pass through. You can also sooth your baby by giving them warm baths. Some babies totally love it! Holding or carrying baby in the day time for a longer period might help reduce colic in the evening, holding them close to you soothes them a lot. Rub a drop or two of castor oil on your baby’s tummy or keep a slight warm cloth on the baby’s belly as well, it also helps to reduce the intensity of pain. Try colic drops, they do wonders!

Try to avoid caffeine and spicy food in your diet because they can also trigger colic in your baby. Take green tea at least once a day to keep yourself detoxified. We know how frustrating it is to see your baby crying out of pain for so many hours but remember that colic is just temporary and will eventually go away. Have an amazing motherhood!

Author: Ume Laila

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