How to Keep babies warm in winter

How To Keep Your Babies Warm And Cozy All Winters

Winters have almost arrived, but that does not mean that you have to confine yourselves at home with your toddlers from fear of your child falling sick or catching a cold! With the right choice and amount of clothing layers, you can always enjoy the winters outdoor.

We all know how enthusiastic our toddlers are for running outside no matter how cold the temperature gets and you can’t even stop them every time. So, in order to keep them warm throughout the season you have to come up with an approach to their winter wardrobe. Here are a few tips to keep your bundle of joy cozy this winter!

As a general rule of thumb, try dressing up your baby in one more layer of clothing than you are wearing! Adding and then removing layers is the right approach. If you are somewhere outside, you should dress your baby up with a vest, bodysuit, jumper and a coat but do not over layer them because it will cause them to sweat which will make their clothes wet. Also, cover their hands with a warm pair of gloves and feet with the warmest socks and boots so their toes stay warm throughout. There are basically three layers for your baby’s clothes. The first or base layer can be any synthetic fabric or wool, the second layer which is above the base layer acts as an insulator and it could be fleece or wool. The third, which is the outer most layer which will protect your baby from chilly winds or snow or rain can be a warm coat/ waterproof jacket or a sweater. When you step into an indoor setting you can lessen your baby’s layers accordingly.

When it’s time to put your baby to sleep, the most important thing is to cover his head and hands because it is the place from where he loses heat the most. Soft cap and mittens can maintain the warmth for your little one. The layers of clothing should be based on how easily you can change his nappy while he’s asleep. Make sure the room temperature is maintained between 16-20 degrees and your baby’s bed or crib is away from the ventilators or doors from where the air can easily enter or even keep them away from any kind of heating source.

It is very important to keep your baby’s skin healthy and soft. During winters, it can become chappy or dry if not taken care of. In winter seasons, heaters and cold air can suck the moisture out of your baby’s skin. The best way is to keep the baby’s skin moisturized at all times. You can also use a good ointment because it has 85% oil composition in it.

And not just externally, you need to keep your baby’s health intact internally as well. It is awesome to introduce seasonal foods to your child and that too full of nutrition which helps in preventing cold. Lentils, Carrots and Oranges are enriched with vitamin C which boosts the immune system to fight off the cold. Sweet potatoes are another source of vitamin C and A that acts as a fuel for your baby’s body! Spinach and other leafy vegetables are a very good source of Vitamin A, C and Zinc all of which protect the digestive system of your baby. Beetroot, an amazing vegetable for winters, can help in satisfying your baby’s sweet cravings! You can try out multiple recipes so your baby is happily willing to eat and enjoy the meals!

However all babies have different resistance level to cold. Some are naturally warm and some are cold. You must keep a check on their body temperature by touching their face, ears or tummy. It might be a little challenging for the mothers who have just entered motherhood or if it’s their child’s first winters but with time and by taking the right precautions, you can surely have a fuss free winter with your bundle of joy!


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