Gifting A Smile! #ByTeamGoFancy

Gifting A Smile! #ByTeamGoFancy

Think about the little girl on the road with hopes in her eyes. For her, Everyday becomes a question whether she will ever be able to escape poverty? Whether she will have access to things her age fellows have. Whether her dreams will ever come true? These negative thoughts can have a long lasting psychological impact on the future of these impoverished children. Happiness is something that every child deserves no matter what are their circumstances and where they live!

Team Go Fancy decided to share smiles and a few happy moments with these innocent souls by gifting them our formal wear with a proper makeover!!

We came to know how Rabia is fighting in the face of adversity every day to give her daughters a happy life, we decided to make Muskaan ( her daughter)’s dream come true of dressing her up like a princess with the dress of her choice and by spending an entire day with her. The smile on Muskaan and her mother’s face after being dressed up was indescribable and we felt like our purpose has been served.

#SharingSmiles by KidsGoFancy has a moto of sharing a few laughs and happy moments with the under privileged kids and helping them within our capacity and reach!

Stay tuned to watch the first video coming out tomorrow evening (1st November 2019).

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