Baby Teething Remedies

Baby Teething Remedies

Baby teething is a difficult phase of your baby’s life; it involves lots of pain, crankiness and crying. Baby teething is an equally difficult time for you as a parent as well! Teeth start to show up from 3 months of age to 12 months. The symptoms include irritation in the gums, excessive drooling, consistent crying, loss of appetite and rashes around the neck or mouth. These symptoms vary in every baby. We have some tips below to help you soothe your baby through the teething process:

Frozen fruits and vegetables are a tasty snack for your child and help in soothing the pain. It also relieves the pain. Similarly, you can freeze a piece of cloth and then give it to your baby for chewing. Cold spoons will do the same thing as well!

Massage your baby’s gums gently in circular motions to relief the pain with clean fingers or moistened gauze pads.

If your baby is already eating solid foods, then try to give something for gnawing such as carrots. Also, keep a close eye because anything big might create a risk of choking!

Your baby would not really like the taste of gingers but rubbing a slice of ginger on your baby’s gum relives the teething pain because it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Use essential oils such as chamomile because it has both, sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. It will relax your little one and reduce the pain too.

Dry away the excessive drool from your baby’s face. During teething, the babies drool more than usual so always keep a napkin around to prevent skin irritation.

Studies have found out that there is a connection between your baby’s feet, mouth and head. So massage gently your little baby’s feet and toes.

Try to give hugs and cuddles more than usual to offer additional comfort. It will give much needed rest to you both! The tips mentioned above will help you both fight teething stage while also keeping your baby away from chemicals and medications!

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